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Tune Or Be Turned, there is no exception!
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Tune Or Be Turned, there is no exception!

Tune Or Be Turned, there is no exception!

As a musician, what is the most important sense that we use?

Is it how incredible and amazing our outfit or instrument looks?

Is it how great we smell because of cologne, perfume, soap, deodorant, etc?

Does it matter what we are physically touching?

Sound or hearing?

     This is it!  But only if we’re hearing things properly.  You might be thinking what the heck does that mean?  Well, just like the title of this post says, Tune or Be Turned, it’s a fact!  With all the practicing a musician can do, if  the musician’s instrument is not properly tuned, your audience will be turned.  And by turned I mean, not interested, irritated, uninspired, annoyed and sometimes permanent haters of our creation.

     This might sound a bit out there, but just think — if you’re on your smartphone and the call starts breaking up and you start hearing every other syllable, it becomes so frustrating that we want to hang up or just move on from the call. Sometimes I feel like just throwing the darn phone!  Well, when we listen to an instrument or music that is not properly tuned, it makes us subconsciously feel the same way.  Uneasy, agitated or even frustrated!  When things are in tune, it’s much easier to not only listen to, but it can also inspire all of our other senses to kick in as part of an entire experience with sight, sound and even smell.

      With so much technology there really is no reason why we shouldn’t play or practice in tune.  There are many apps out there where we can use to tune with: clip on tuners, plug in tuners and even guitars that tune themselves, so there’s no excuse not to be in tune.
Here’s a thought? 

Does this blog post only have to do with guitar, or does it apply to everything?

In closing, with my blog I’m hoping to help people get inspired and excited about whatever goals they’re trying to achieve in their lives.
Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone that you feel it might help or encourage and please let me know if there any topics in the future that you would like me to address.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog.
All the best, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or about lessons.

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